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At QLPM we take pride in offering a service that goes well beyond simply managing your property. Our approach is to ensure that your investment is nurtured at every step.


We are property management professionals and as such from the outset we ensure that your property is reflecting its true potential, and we guide you towards obtaining the best possible rental.
We do not allow the property to be viewed without one of our representatives being present, which ensures security and allows us to present the property’s attributes to the prospective tenant.


We advertise the property via the internet and print media. We also go beyond these traditional avenues by consulting our network of already interviewed prospective tenants and relocation agents. We distribute promotional flyers in the local area and apply signage to the property. As Property Managers, we keep a vacancy rate for our landlords consistently below 1%. That’s a spectacular achievement.


QLPM Manages all calls from your tenants, maintenance calls are taken care of right down to ensuring that any work that needed to be done was approved first by the owner and has been completed with the account paid in full. We inspect the property regularly and monitor any rental arrears. When it is time to review the agreement we will update you on the current market value and increase the rent where instructed by you.

Summary of PM Services

Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Reporting

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QLPM Provides simple and comprehensive spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting to assist in financial reporting that offer accurate calculations for a real-time financial analysis. These solutions are easy-to-use, implement easily and quickly, tightly compatible with most General Ledger system. This enables owners to budget and forecast revenue, expenses, insurance and capital assets in a single, comprehensive solution.

Leasing Fee The leasing fee is half of 1st month’s rent for a one-year lease. Funds are collected out of the tenant’s rental payments; there is no charge to the owner until the property is rented.

Management Fees The monthly management fee is 5% of the gross rent collected. Our monthly management fee is deducted from each rental payment when it is received. The 5% fee is deducted from any income from the property including late fees.

Extended rental contracts If your tenant chooses to continue renting your unit, we will bring them in to sign a new 1 year lease for a small reinstatement fee of $145. You do not have to pay half of the 1st month’s rent for the first month of a tenant continuing his/her lease at the same address.

QLPM will always assist the owners as quickly as possible by providing it's expertise and knowledge of the industry to help maximize profit and return. If we can't provide an answer on the spot, we will find someone who can.